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Bangle Size Guide

Bangles are sized by their diameter, which is measure of the length of a straight line passing through the centre of the bangle. The unit of measurement is in inches.
An inch is further divided into 16 sections. So, when we say the bangle size is 2-8 (pronounced two eight), it means the diameter of the bangle is 2 full inches plus 8 sections of the total 16 sections of the inch. This effectively converts to 2inches + 8/16 inches, which is 2 inches plus half an inch. In other words this size will be 2.5” (pronounced two point five inches).

Measure good fitting bangles that you already own

Take out bangles that you already have and measure the inside diameter and compare to the above measurement chart or the measurement stated in the actual bangle listing. As long as you measure the inside diameter of your current bangles this will be an accurate way to find your bangle size.

Bangle Size Equivalent bangle diameter in inches Equivalent bangle diameter in millimetres Equivalent bangle circumference in inches Equivalent bangle circumference in millimetres
2-0 2.00 51 6.28 160
2-1 2.06 52 6.48 165
2-2 2.13 54 6.68 170
2-3 2.19 56 6.87 175
2-4 2.25 57 7.07 180
2-5 2.31 59 7.27 185
2-6 2.38 60 7.46 190
2-7 2.44 62 7.66 195
2-8 2.50 64 7.86 200
2-9 2.56 65 8.05 205
2-10 2.63 67 8.25 209
2-11 2.69 68 8.44 214
2-12 2.75 70 8.64 219
2-13 2.81 71 8.84 224
2-14 2.88 73 9.03 229
2-15 2.94 75 9.23 234
3-0 3.00 76 9.43 239

Measure your hand

This can be used to find your bangle size but is a little bit trickier than the printable sizing template, but when done carefully will give you an accurate result. You will need a flexible tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler.

  1. Make your hand as small as possible, as if you were putting on bangles, bringing your thumb and little finger together.
  2. Using the tape measure (or string), measure the around your hand at the widest point (the tape measure should be pulled tight, not loose). Make note of the actual circumference of your hand (if you used string, make a mark where the string meets, then measure the length with your ruler to get your hand circumference)
  3. Compare your hand circumference to the bangle circumference in the above chart. Purchase bangles that are the next size up from your actual hand measurement.

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