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Give your parents a token of respect & love

Give your parents a token of respect & love


August 1st is official Respect For Parents Day, and as a family-owned business, respect for parents is central to our values at A1 Jewellers. Use today as an opportunity to express your gratitude and love for your parents by celebrating the day with them.

Parents are the first to communicate affection and offer security to their children. Parents, as guardians and caretakers, establish the framework for guiding and educating children to be responsible. Each parent provides a means of communication as well as a means of making choices and resolving blunders.

A parent's involvement in the community is also important. Respect for Parents Day was created to "help our families become unified and strong by acknowledging the leadership responsibilities parents play and to reintroduce the respect for parents that was obvious in the past." 

Parents and elderly people have a special place in all the major world religions. They have to be respected in many ways as a part of most faiths. 

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of how important parents are to society and to remind everyone that they should be treated with respect. 

Jewellery gift ideas for parents:

You might treat your parents to a variety of wonderful presents. Giving your parents a lovely piece of jewellery is a great choice if you're searching for a present that will feel memorable. This is especially true if you know they would adore it but are unlikely to spend money on it themselves. Most likely, your parents gave you your first gold jewellery item. It's time to give something in return.


Chains - Our top pick for Gifts For Parents

Show your love for your mom or dad with a gold chain they can wear all the time.

For the most durable chains, opt for one of our ripple chains. A ripple chain is unisex, and is the classic gold chain that is a staple for any women’s gold jewellery collection. It is also our most popular chain for men.  We have a great selection of ripple chains that vary in weight and lengths catering for all budgets.

For a heavier look and something a little more unique, a solid rope chain is also one of the more durable ones. This is a great one for mum. 

(Remember 22ct or higher purity gold is softer and more prone to damage, so some care is always needed. Chains, in general, are made of fine pieces of gold so are fragile therefore we can not guarantee a break-proof chain.)


Halal jewellery for Dad:

We recognise that some dads won't be comfortable wearing gold, so here is our selection of halal jewellery gifts for dads:

For something a little more discreet and minimal check out our selection of sterling silver chains. 

Finally don’t forget to check out our selection of silver rings for men.


Remember all our jewellery comes in a beautiful luxury velvet gift box that is guaranteed to impress the recipient. 



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