Gold Rate 22ct 24ct
Gram £56.78 £61.38
Tola (11.664g) £662.27 £715.91

Refund Process

Refund Processing Time:

Once Refund is aproved, we adhere to a specific refund protocol. Since the payment would have typically been processed by this time, the transaction would appear on your bank or credit card statement. In such instances, once we receive the cancellation request, we move forward by processing the refund immediately on our end.

We aim to have the refund processed internally within two weeks of the cancellation request. However, after the refund is processed on our side, it may take additional 2-4 working days for the refunded amount to show up in your account. This time frame is subject to the procedures and processing times of your bank or credit card issuer and is outside the control of A1 Jewellers.

We are committed to initiating the refund process quickly and efficiently, ensuring that we handle your refund with the utmost priority. We appreciate your understanding and are always here to assist with any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy.


Pending Transactions Explained:

If you've cancelled an order and still see a charge marked as 'pending' on your statement, don't worry. This is not an actual charge but an 'authorization hold'. When a transaction is made, many financial institutions place a hold on the account for the amount of the transaction, which ensures the account has sufficient funds when the transaction is completed. When you cancel an order, we instantly inform your bank to drop the authorization hold. However, each bank has its time frame to process this drop. Until then, the transaction remains 'pending'. This doesn't mean that your money has been taken; it's simply awaiting confirmation of cancellation from your bank.


Confirmation of Refund:

Once the refund process has been initiated from our end, we will send you an email confirmation that your refund has been processed.

We aim to make your shopping experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. If you encounter any issues during the refund process, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

For more details on our policies, refer to our Return Policy ( page. We at A1 Jewellers are committed to maintaining transparency and honesty in our practices to provide you with the best service possible.



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