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September Birthstone | Sapphire

September Sapphire


Delving Deep into September’s Gem: Sapphire

A radiant gem of deep history and vibrant shades, the Sapphire has long been coveted for its unique allure. Born from the Earth’s inner sanctums, this gem represents an unbroken lineage of reverence. While sapphires adorn us in a spectrum of sunlit yellows, passionate pinks, and enigmatic greens, it's the profound depth of the blue sapphire that has been celebrated across generations for its mesmerizing beauty and unparalleled grandeur

Virgo's Gemstone Muse: A Zodiacal Connection

As the stone of Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd), the Sapphire transcends mere beauty. It aligns with the Virgo's celestial strength, wisdom, and guardianship attributes. The viridescent charm of the green sapphire, in particular, echoes the earthy, grounded nature of these individuals, making it not just a gem to flaunt but a symbolic talisman to cherish


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Girl's favourite September sapphire jewellery includes rings, bracelets earrings, and necklaces. You have an excellent chance to give a beautiful gift to someone special and see a smile on her face on her birthday, engagement or wedding. 


Get a royal look:

Princess Diana's famous blue sapphire cluster ring is now proudly worn by Princess Kate and has been a favourite ring for the royal family for many years. We have a beautiful collection of sapphire rings that look just amazing and you feel like a princess after wearing that ring and feel proud of yourself. Make your personality more inspired by wearing this ring. In the Asian world, Amitabh Bachchan also wears a blue sapphire ring.


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Sapphire meaning and properties:

Due to its regal undertones, sapphire is a gemstone that is said to symbolise monarchy. It is said to draw gifts and favours. The user of this lovely gemstone is also claimed to have a relaxing influence that calms their nerves and thoughts.

The sapphire also stands for prosperity, inner tranquillity, and beauty. We admire sapphires and their regal tones; they are highly prized and regarded as the most valuable gemstone.


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Each occasion demands a unique touch. Be it a best friend's wedding, a cherished anniversary, or a token of appreciation, our mid-range sapphire selection range from £50 - £100 promises to leave an indelible mark, radiating with elegance and warmth.

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