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22ct Gold Real Turquoise Ring | Size U

22ct Gold Real Turquoise Ring | Size U


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Key Features

Size: U (UK)     10¼ (USA)

Length: 23.15mm approx / 2.32cm approx

Width: 18.52mm approx / 1.85cm approx

Stock: Only 1 Left

Material: 22carat (22ct/22kt/22k) (22 parts Pure gold out of 24 or 91.6% pure gold)

Weight: 10.1g

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From A1 Jewellers Ring Collection, this is a handmade ring from 22(K/Karat) gold, and it features a real turquoise gemstone. The ring is 22 ct British hallmarked. The mesmerizing turquoise is skillfully set, emitting a blend of classic and contemporary design with elegance. Turquoise is the birthstone for December. It is believed to enhance the natural traits of this sign, promoting wisdom, positivity, and spiritual growth. Turquoise is valued not only for its potential effects based on zodiac signs but also for its vibrant color and cultural significance. It can be passed to generations. Grasp the chance to possess an item from this exclusive collection, as it stands as a unique and limited edition with just one piece available.

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